The Christmas season is filled with anticipation. We look forward to family, Christmas dinner and of course opening the presents underneath the tree. It never seems to come fast enough. Kids spend those seemingly never-ending days leading up to Christmas looking for hidden presents. They excitedly shake the presents under the tree trying to guess what’s inside. Once Christmas Eve finally comes, children everywhere try in vain to fall asleep while waiting for that first burst of light to come through the window.

For centuries, believers lived in a dark land, waiting in anticipation for the hope that came that first Christmas. Abraham, Sarah, David and all of Israel waited and hoped for the coming of the Christ. That first Christmas morning a great light burst through the darkness. For all of us who know Christ, we have experienced that light breaking through the darkness of our hearts. It’s easy to forget that we too once walked in darkness, longing for something more.

As you and your family prepare for Christmas morning, remember the joy you experienced when you first felt the light of Christ. Look back at the darkness God has brought you out of. Look forward to Christ’s return, when he will restore this broken world. Pray for those still walking in darkness and look for opportunities to share the light of Christ that now lives in you.